Creating Themed Catered Events

by May 2, 2011 Catering Tips
Creating Themed Catered Events

Catered events should always provide outstanding food and service, but they also need excitement and drama. So, themed events are very popular.

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Catering Tips: How Much Food is Enough for Your Event?

by Clinton June 23, 2010 Catering Tips
Catering Tips - How Much Food is Enough to Cater an Event

The guests have been invited and the RSVP slips are in. Now that you have a final count and know the number of guests to expect, how much food do you need to order to satisfy them all?

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Calm, Cool and Collected – Event Planning the Way It Should Be

by Clinton June 17, 2010 Catering Tips
Event Planning the Way It Should Be

If you have accepted the gracious invitation to be master planner, you may be interested to know that ‘event planning’ need not be synonymous with ‘nervous breakdown’

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For The Love of Cake – Baking Outside the Box

by Clinton June 1, 2010 Featured Caterers
For the Love of Cake

For The Love of Cake offers up the most delectable dreams in the shape of little muffin cups or in the most ornate edible sculptures.

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Money-Saving Tips for Catering a Large Event

by Clinton May 13, 2010 Catering Tips
Wine and Dine

While it’s true that large events sometimes come at great cost, they don’t have to. Here are a few simple money-saving tips.

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