Catering Comes Home

by January 19, 2011 Catering Tips
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When you have a special occasion coming up, such as a anniversary, graduation or baby shower consider hiring an at-home caterer.

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Calm, Cool and Collected – Event Planning the Way It Should Be

by Clinton June 17, 2010 Catering Tips
Event Planning the Way It Should Be

If you have accepted the gracious invitation to be master planner, you may be interested to know that ‘event planning’ need not be synonymous with ‘nervous breakdown’

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Hiring a Caterer 101 – Prep Work Before Inquiring About a Catering Company

by Clinton April 28, 2010 Catering Tips
Tips for Hiring a Caterer

As that marked date on your calendar draws closer and closer, you no doubt find yourself buried in the workload of preparation and planning for that special occasion.

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