Caterista Profile Pages Part 1 – The Introduction

by Clinton April 10, 2012 In House
Caterista Profile Page Introduction

Almost every catering company we talk to wants to know what information to include under “Introduction” on their Caterista profile page.

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BIG Changes at Caterista

by Clinton August 5, 2011 In House
Caterista Search

Its been a long and windy road. However, recently we have made a few long awaited changes to Caterista and its sub domains.

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Caterista Launches Open Beta to Caterers

by Clinton May 7, 2010 In House
Caterista Launches Open Beta

Caterista has officially launched, the beta version that is. This means we’re well on our way to becoming a one-stop resource for anyone and everyone planning events.

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Caterista: Connecting Caterers with Event Planners

by Clinton April 28, 2010 In House
Connecting Caterer's and Event Planners

A few years ago, while we were planning our wedding, my wife and I were researching catering companies online. However, we were disappointed to find that there was no resource to compare packages, prices and overall value.

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