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Luminato Offers Up Smorgasbord of International Tastes

by Clinton May 19, 2010 On the Menu
Luminato - Tastes of Toronto

A festival in Toronto wouldn’t be complete without a sampling of the city’s amazing variety of foods, thanks to its ethnic diversity.

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Kings of Pastry: Slaves to Passion and the Pursuit of Culinary Excellence

by Clinton May 5, 2010 On the Menu

For all you foodie fanatics out there, particularly those vulnerable to the pleasures of pastry (who doesn’t that include?), a must-see film airs in Toronto today.

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Top Trends Revealed in Canadian Chef Survey

by Clinton April 28, 2010 On the Menu
Canadian Food Trends

The CRFA, in cooperation with the Canadian Culinary Federation, tapped into the informed opinions of close to 400 professional chefs.

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