Caterista Profile Pages Part 1 – The Introduction

by Clinton on April 10, 2012 Filed under In House

Caterista Profile - Introduction

Almost every catering company I talk to wants to know what information to include under “Introduction” on their Caterista profile page. Some take the short route and just copy and paste content from their existing website. Others try to encompass the entire history of their catering company, including when it was founded by their mother in 1953 and how their main course was inspired by their favorite family recipe. Still others try to add text links to their website and all their social media accounts right in the body of the text.

While it’s good to include as much specific information about your catering company as possible, here are a few tips that can make that “introduction” section of your profile pages more useful, thus attracting more leads and increasing your profile page ranking on Google.

Four Caterista “Introduction” Tips

  1. Write a unique, short introduction for your catering company. Keep it punchy and use it to summarize yourself in 2-3 sentences.
  2. Describe your focus. Spell out what kind of events you cater. Are you focused on extravagant wedding receptions, corporate events or casual dinner parties? Be as specific as you can.
  3. Mention specialized services you offer. Perhaps you feature a mobile bar, offer complete event design or include an on-site chef with your packages. Event planners want to know.
  4. Make sure you use as many keywords as is naturally possible and, again, that what you write is completely unique. If you can help it, try not to copy information directly from your website since this can result in a poor user experience. Remember, this is your personal catering profile and a perfect opportunity to show off your services.

In part 2 of our series on Caterista profile pages, we’ll discuss tags and how they effect you in Caterista search results.

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