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by Clinton on August 5, 2011 Filed under In House

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Its been a long and windy road. However, recently we have made a few long awaited changes to Caterista and its subdomains.

We focused our development on two key areas in which we received feedback.

Usability… Duh!

We have made the site much cleaner and easier to use. Gone are the weird search queries, tiny maps and confusing layout. Now catering companies will have a full page for their profiles that will include huge maps, beautiful photos, website links and phone numbers. Other features we plan on adding soon include social media accounts and ratings. Oh yeah, Facebook integration is also coming soon!

Search Results

We have put a lot of time and effort into creating a more user friendly way to search. Now, once you choose a city and a cuisine, you’re whisked away to a search results page that lets you break it down even further. You can choose your occasion, number of guests, budget and extras.

More to Come

It’s been a big update and we would like to thank everyone for their feedback. We can’t build the site without the involvement of caterers like you. More updates to the site are coming, so if you have any more suggestions please contact us and let us know.

Remember, if you are a caterer in one of these Canadian cities, we would love you to join and create a FREE profile on the site.

We love hearing from you, contact us with your suggestions, or make a comment below.

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