Catering the Comfort Food Comeback

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Comfort Food - Macaroni and Cheese

Your favorite meals that you enjoyed as a kid are making a comeback in a big way. Even upscale restaurants in major metropolitan cities are incorporating some comfort foods onto their menu. The hottest chefs can be seen making these dishes for hungry foodies all over the country. For those who prefer this kind of comfort food to fancier dishes, this means you can have an upscale feel for a catered event while still incorporating the flavors you really love. Even better, comfort foods tend to incorporate slightly less expensive ingredients, so you can have your favorite foods while still saving money.

Catering Comfort Food Favorites

Corn on the Cob

Wondering just what types of food are edging their way onto upscale food menus all over the U.S. and Canada? Many of the items are what most would consider to be “All-American” cuisine. For any catered event, you can’t go wrong with comfort food favorites like mac and cheese, burger sliders and meatloaf. Many of the items that are making a comeback are actually side dishes. Caterers are finding that mashed potatoes, corn on the cob and baked beans are also becoming quite popular on catering menus. Furthermore, many foods that are often thought of as strictly kid menu fare have been updated to appeal to adults. For example, grilled cheese can instantly become a delicious entrée when it’s made with a delicious grilled baguette and a mix of great cheese like gouda and swiss.

Caterers Offering Multi-Cultural Options

Mexican Food

Surprisingly, it’s not just the classic American foods which are making it onto the list of popular comfort foods for catered events. Since our country incorporates people from so many different cultures, catering companies are also offering multi-cultural options for catered comfort foods. Mexican foods are now becoming a hot item on many catering menus. Nachos, burritos, tamales and carnitas are often chosen as entrees for a Mexican comfort food meal. As for sides, tortilla chips with salsa, creamy guacamole and quesadillas are popular options as well. Other caterers are offering plenty of Italian dishes for their clients. With all kinds of pasta dishes and great sides like bruschetta, these foods are usually a hit at any catered event. And don’t forget amazing Italian desserts, like cannoli, gelato and tiramisu.

With all these comfort food trends, caterers are finding that clients enjoy their food more than ever when it’s something approachable and familiar. It’s even a great way to get conversations started between guests at an event. Usually everyone has a great memory when it comes to their favorite comfort foods.

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