Caterers: How to Attract People to Your Food Booth

by on July 29, 2010 Filed under In House

1000 Tastes of Toronto

1000 Tastes of Toronto was held a few weeks ago at Queens Park. There were countless numbers of vendors this year with lots of people in attendance.

At any event, you’ll likely notice that there are always some vendors with longer lines and bustling crowds, and others that are never too busy and that seem oddly out of place. No matter what the event, here are some tips to help drive customers to your booth:

1. Display Proper Signage

Have big, legible type advertising your business with letters that can be read from a distance. The most active caterers, attracting the largest crowds, had 3’x4′ menu boards with their logo displayed on it prominently.

2. Display a Sample

Have a display sample of what you are selling. Because portions aren’t the same as when they are served in house, people want to see what they’re getting in exchange for their $5 ticket.

3. Have the Proper Attitude

It may be hard when you’re serving for hours in the hot sun, but put on a smile. Be friendly and welcome people to your booth. This attracts people as much as the culinary aspect. Many people are trying new foods for the first time, so a small description always helps, and willingly answer any questions customers may have about the food they are about to try. Keep in mind that first impressions last. And always remember to thank your customers!

4. Encourage Repeat Business

Have business cards and brochures available for people to take home so they can contact you later, and encourage customers to try your food again in the near future. After all, that’s the reason why you were there at your booth serving up your best in the first place, right?

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