‘Da Best’ from Debakery

by Clinton on June 21, 2010 Filed under Featured Caterers

Debakery - Cupcakes

Describing itself as ‘an excessive indulgence in baked pleasures‘, Debakery does what it does best: baking!

Providing fine crafted baked goods to anyone willing to indulge in the tantalizing appeal of sugar mixed with flour, among other fine things, Debakery offers a selection of quality cakes, cookies, and treats that you won’t be able to pass up. Eating out of necessity doesn’t exist at Debakery. Eating out of unbridled lust for confectionary heaven does.

Any occasion is an occasion for cake. Debakery believes they can fit you with the perfect cake for your occasion. Flavours range from classic to completely excessive, from French vanilla to Red Velvet Rhubarb; from Double Chocolate to Lemon Bomb. If you feel the need for something even more unique and scandalous, they’ll be happy to create something just for you.

Debakery - Cakes

For something totally unexpected, try a RAD event, or Random Acts of Debakery. If you’ve got staff, customers or even good friends to whom you feel a debt of gratitude, nothing can show appreciation like providing a little excessive sweet tooth indulgence. Simply contact Debakery to choose a RAD option that will fit with your budget and location.

Squares can be ordered in small or large portions and in several size platters and come in five different types. Classic Bon-Bons come in a myriad of flavours which you can mix and match. Feel like Macaroons, Truffles or Gum Drops? Order by one or two dozen or by the hundred. Cookies come in seven different flavours; you can even choose to have a miniature cookie sandwich filled with chocolate ganache for a complete session of gluttonous debauchery.

With all this talk of debauchery and scandal, it’s nice to know that Debakery believes in ‘cake with a conscience‘. How, you ask? First, for you the customer they pledge to use only the finest natural, fresh ingredients. So, no worries about what you’re eating. Just indulge.

Debakery - Whoopie Pies

Second, they believe in being responsible towards the planet. Whenever possible, they promise to buy locally, using 100km Foods which supplies local ingredients to restaurants across the GTA. If something is simply not available locally (i.e. that food of the gods, chocolate) they buy from ethically responsible producers and suppliers.

Third, Debakery believes in giving back to the community. Recently, they donated to Cupcake Camp Toronto 2010, an event which saw dozens of people come out to sample some of the best cupcakes available to help raise funds for Second Harvest. They’ve also teamed up with The Stop Community Food Center and will donate $1 from each cake sold or $0.10 from each cupcake sold to help provide food for people in the GTA who need it.

Whether you need a wedding cake or simply a Random Act of Debakery, you’ll be able to satisfy your cravings or those of others around you. Debakery will also be offering a breakfast and lunch catering menu with delivery available to offices and other events. As they continue to build their bakery from a sweet beginning, you’ll find nothing but da best at Debakery.

Debakery - Cherry-Cola Cupcake