Bloor Yorkville IceFest 2012

by March 2, 2012 In House
Bloor Yorkville - IceFest

This past weekend, Yorkville was host to the Bloor Yorkville IceFest 2012, where the main attractions were ice sculptures crafted from 35,000 lbs. of ice.

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Catering the Comfort Food Comeback

by May 16, 2011 On the Menu
Comfort Food - Macaroni and Cheese

Your favorite meals that you enjoyed as a kid are making a comeback in a big way. Caterers are incorporating many popular comfort foods onto their menus.

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Spice Up Your Event With Fun Food Features

by May 6, 2011 Catering Tips
Catering Fun Food Features

When your guests RSVP to your catered event, they’re hoping that when they attend there will be something about it that really stands out.

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Creating Themed Catered Events

by May 2, 2011 Catering Tips
Creating Themed Catered Events

Catered events should always provide outstanding food and service, but they also need excitement and drama. So, themed events are very popular.

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Corporate Catering for Your Next Business Event

by January 18, 2011 Catering Tips
Thumbnail image for Corporate Catering for Your Next Business Event

If you’ve got a board meeting or sales pitch coming up, you might want to consider having the food brought right to your offices.

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