Add a Professional Touch With On-Site Chefs

by on June 10, 2011 Filed under Catering Tips

Professional On-Site Chefs

Throwing a big event is no easy feat, and deciding which caterer you will use and what foods to serve is often one of the biggest challenges of organizing a large affair. If you are choosing to do a buffet or hors d’oeuvres tables, it leaves you a little more room to get creative and playful than if you were doing a sit-down plated dinner for your guests. In fact, many event planners have found that one of the food features that guests enjoy the most is when a professional chef is brought in to create custom dishes.

Hiring a professional chef for your event will use up more of your catering budget than a standard buffet, but if you consider the difference in cost between a buffet with a chef versus the cost of a pre-plated dinner, you usually end up saving money by going with the chef. Plus, you’ll also be providing an option to ensure that every guests gets exactly the food they want without the added confusion of finding out whether your guests would prefer a meat, fish or pasta meal for dinner.

Get Your Chef Cookin’

On-Site Stir FryThere are a lot of fun options that you can go with when it comes to your on-site chef. One example is an on-site stir fry chef. Guests can choose which vegetables, meats or other ingredients they would like in their stir fry, and then the chef creates a steaming hot plate of it for them right before their eyes. The result is much more fresh and flavorful than a stir fry dish on a buffet line, plus each guest gets a customized meal to suit their tastes.

Another creative option is to use an on-site chef at a breakfast or brunch meeting to create custom omelets for the guests. Just about everyone loves a good omelet, and they can be made easily and quickly. Furthermore, guests will love the chance to choose from veggies, meats and cheeses to create their very own custom omelet for breakfast.

Don’t Forget Your Checklist

Because it will take a little longer for your guests to get their custom meal from the on-site chef, it’s a good idea to offer other non-custom options as well to ensure that guests don’t get hungry waiting for their entrée. Similarly, you should also plan to have more than one chef on site for events with more than 25-30 people in attendance. Finally, consider how long it will take the chef to prepare each entrée and work that into the schedule and your decision about how many chefs to hire. For example, you won’t need as many chefs if it only takes a few minutes to prepare each entrée or if the chef is able to prepare more than one entrée at a time.

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