Corporate Catering for Your Next Business Event

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Corporate Catering

Important clients require the utmost attention. For one-on-one meetings, treating them to a deluxe lunch works just fine, but what about larger groups? If you’ve got a major board meeting or sales pitch coming up, you might want to consider having the food brought right to your offices.

With corporate catering, you can get high-quality meals for your clients without the fuss of visiting a restaurant. The catering company can come in to set up your entire meal before the clients arrive. Caterers who deal with corporate accounts almost always offer a selection of décor that brings a high-class element to your meal. The table where your buffet is set up can have the finest linens and dishware, ensuring that your clients are impressed.

Corporate Catering Food Options

Breakfast CateringWhen it comes to the food, corporate catering is a great way to provide meal options that everyone will love. With your buffet-style breakfast or lunch, you can have a myriad of options which appeal to even the most discerning clients. Plus, these corporate caterers can even set up hot and cold stations for your food. That means eggs, bacon, waffles and pancakes for breakfast, or hot sandwiches and soups for lunch. Other popular items include fresh fruit, mixed salads and dessert trays piled with cookies and brownies.

After you’ve tried corporate catering once, you’ll never go back to ordering dull boxed lunches again. Clients are much more impressed by an elaborate food spread complete with all the foods they might want. Plus, it adds an element of class to your meeting. Rather than eating with plastic tableware out of Styrofoam boxes, your clients will be using real silverware and dishware to enjoy a delicious meal.

Catering Business Meetings, Office Parties and Events

Corporate catering also works well for in-house meetings. If you have a major training for your executive staff coming up, why not treat them to a nice lunch to break up the day? It’s also great for staff appreciation events, holiday celebrations and special occasion parties to celebrate a staff member’s retirement or anniversary with the company. These periodic investments in treating your staff to a special meal will undoubtedly pay off as they realize that their administration values their hard work.

Corporate catering also works for evening events should you have them. Many companies have an annual party, whether it’s for the holidays, a fundraiser or a meeting of shareholders. In any case, these formal evening parties deserve the attention of a corporate caterer who is experienced in working in a corporate setting. These caterers know that appearance, food quality and great service are all extremely important when it comes to these events, so they are able to provide the best catering services for your affair.

If you’re considering having a business event catered soon, contact local catering companies to inquire about their corporate catering experience. You’ll find that those with specific experience in a business setting will be the best suited for the job.

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1 Raj Tugnet June 11, 2011 at 2:09 pm

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2 Stacy Galloway April 9, 2012 at 3:28 pm

I agree with you here! Corporate catering makes everyone happy and it really sends a positive message to the client. It says you mean business! Haha

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