Spring Has Sprung, So Plan a Picnic!

by Clinton on May 17, 2010 Filed under Catering Tips

Catering Picnics

If you’re the type who likes to enjoy bright open spaces – and by this we mean the great outdoors – why not invite your guests at your next event to join you in satisfying your appetite while indulging in the beauty of nature? A picnic event has numerous pluses, not the least of which is the fact that it usually requires a smaller budget.

The ‘outdoor feast’, a.k.a. the picnic, is currently a popular trend, especially for firms holding corporate events or employee functions. It allows for a casual atmosphere and encourages people to mingle. Even for a private affair, a picnic can help you achieve a lighthearted and carefree atmosphere in which guests feel relaxed.

However, don’t let that fool you. A laid back attitude in planning a picnic won’t cut it. Just because your ‘party room’ won’t have four walls doesn’t mean it won’t be booked up, especially during peak summer weekends. Reservations well in advance are necessary to ensure you’ll be able to use a certain outdoor space on your particular date.

Plan for the Weather

Since the environment will be a major factor in your event, plan accordingly. Have extra sunscreen, and perhaps some tables with umbrellas set up to protect guests from rain or shine. Or book at a location which has gazebos for guests. Depending on the event and your budget, consider renting a tent as it can add a nice touch to your otherwise natural surroundings. Always have a rain date planned in advance, just in case.

Have extra ice water on hand if it’s a hot day and have plenty of other refreshing beverages, as these are of paramount importance at an outdoor event.

Picnic Menu Ideas

And now for the menu. A picnic can encompass both ends of the culinary spectrum. While hotdogs and hamburgers are traditional for a casual event, more extravagant fare can also be provided by a professional catering company. Some companies provide pre-packaged picnic style foods which you can transport to your event site and easily serve without much work required on your part. Let your catering company know your preferences and clearly communicate what type of event you are planning. Don’t assume that the word ‘picnic’ explains it all – it can have a wide range of interpretations.

One thing, though, is for sure. With the right food and drink, and good friends or family, a picnic event will provide the perfect atmosphere and surroundings that will only add to the quality and beauty of your event. It might not hurt, either, to put in an early request for sunshine!

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