Tying the Knott: Share a Little Love with Planet Earth at Your Wedding

by Clinton on May 10, 2010 Filed under Catering Tips

Green Weddings

Spring is in the air and so is love. It’s wedding season once again! And while wedding bells may be ringing, you may also be hearing your eco-tuned conscience telling you to share a little of that love with mother earth.

Without a doubt, the green trend continues to grow, so how can you ‘go green’ on your special day, while still creating an event to be remembered as much as for the food and festivities as for its modest carbon footprint?

Give the following suggestions a little thought before finalizing your wedding day plans:

  1. Local, Sustainable Fare: Local, sustainable food is becoming a common request by event planners and most caterers will not be surprised if you ask for their cooperation in this regard on your wedding day. Ask if they buy from local farmers and if they put an emphasis on using sustainable ingredients which are in season locally at the time of your wedding. Can they accommodate an organic menu, and do they make the dishes from scratch without using commercially prepared products? Even alcoholic beverages, such as beer and wine, can be obtained that are organic and locally produced.
  2. Recycle: Ask your caterer what their policies are on recycling. Can unused food be donated to charity? Remember, waste not, want not.
  3. Centerpieces: Use ‘recycled’ decorations or living flower arrangements such as potted plants for centerpieces that can then be ‘reused’ by guests.
  4. Invitations: Email invitations are gaining in popularity as they save on paper and ink. If you want to go with printed ones, consider using recycled paper.
  5. Cutting Travel: Think about having a one-site event; host the ceremony and reception at the same location to reduce travel, or consider implementing carpooling or hiring larger vehicles to transport guests from A to B.
  6. Honeymoon Plans: Staycations are in vogue right now, and the same principles can be applied to your honeymoon. Think of somewhere within that 100 km local radius that you’ve always wanted to visit, perhaps an eco-resort, or a cottage rental, instead of flying to a distant location.

You can no doubt think of other innovative ways to confirm your commitment to the planet on the same day you vow to love and cherish that special someone. When dawn rises on that beautiful spring day and the sun smiles down on you, you’ll be glad you invested a little extra ‘green’ effort.

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