Caterista Launches Open Beta to Caterers

by Clinton on May 7, 2010 Filed under In House

Caterista has officially launched, the beta version that is. This means we’re well on our way to becoming a one-stop resource for anyone and everyone planning events.

We’re still working out all the kinks and bugs (if you see any, let us know) but here are some notable features that we’ve included in the soft launch.

Advanced Search

Search Options

Advanced Search

Advanced search lets you break down your search by event (i.e. Corporate, Wedding), meal type (i.e. Dinner, Hors d’Ouevres), food type (i.e. Sushi, Vegetarian), included extras (i.e. Venue, Servers) and price & guests.. more on that.

Price & Guests

Price & Guests

Sorting results by the price per guest and the number of attendees allows you to narrow down your search based on the number of guests you plan on having at your event and on your projected budget. Once we have more caterers in the database, we expect this to be a very useful feature when planners are inundated with a myriad of catering options.

Search Results

Full Packages

Full Packages

Full Package results include the number of guests, the number of courses and the cost per person. Expanding these results will give you the package description and a specific breakdown of the event type, meal type, and food type included in the package. If you find a package of note, you’ll be able to flag it as a favourite so you’ll be able to easily find it later to compare with other selections. Once an event planner picks a package, the contact information is right at their fingertips.


Caterista Caterers

Caterer results include the caterer’s location, the number of packages they currently offer and a price range of the cost per person. After selecting the caterer’s profile link, you’re greeted by an expanded view of that specific catering company’s options including a company description, photographs showcasing their work, a map of their location, and the list of packages they offer.

We eagerly welcome your input, both from caterer and event planner alike. Additional features will be added in the near future. If you’re a catering company, and are interested in joining the beta version, please contact us so we can add your profile.

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