Pantry – Toronto’s Kitchen Cupboard

by Clinton on April 28, 2010 Filed under Featured Caterers

Pantry - Toronto's Kitchen Cupboard

Harkening back to the days when food was a merging of hand-crafted quality and truly superb flavor, Pantry is a modern-day treasure trove of culinary delights.

Located on College Street in the Dufferin Grove area, Pantry was founded by Liz and Greg Bolton with the desire to “bring the best possible food” to their neighborhood. The very notion of a pantry conjures up thoughts of how great food begins.

With an amazing array of variety and fascinating finds, the shelves are full of everything from gourmet sauces to homemade tarts. And it doesn’t stop there.

From traditional sit-down meals to open-air picnics, Pantry can help make any event you’re planning a success. The ever-expanding catering side of the business makes it possible for customers to request everyday fare in larger quantities for a variety of functions – book launches, dinner parties, or baby showers. If you have a hankering for something in particular, they are happy to fill custom orders. As long as they receive 24 hour notice, a lot is possible.

As well, they offer full-service catering for events running the gamut of special occasions. For these events, they have a wide menu selection that can be customized according to customer wishes.

If you’re the type, though, who likes to get involved in preparing the culinary side of get-togethers but who does not relish the thought of laboring in the kitchen for hours, Pantry offerings a specific option that’s perfect for you. They make pre-packaged vacuum-packed kits which allow customers to put together their own dishes for home or office parties of up to 30. You’ll save on labor costs, and you’ll still be sparing yourself a lot of trouble and time.

And while great taste matters, many eco-conscious individuals believe the earth does too. That’s why Pantry adheres to a sustainably-raised food ethic and keeps it local whenever possible. It’s great food, from the ground up.

The charm and appeal of ‘Toronto’s kitchen cupboard’ can enhance a special event you’re likely to remember as much as for the food as for the occasion.

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