Caterista: Connecting Caterers with Event Planners

by Clinton on April 28, 2010 Filed under In House

Caterista Catering

A few years ago, while we were planning our wedding, my wife and I were researching catering companies online. However, we were disappointed to find that there was no clear resource that enabled us to directly compare catering packages, prices and overall value and services provided. We found the absence of a definitive website that enabled us to make the best choice for our special occasion inconvenient at the least.

Frustration followed. Many of our friends and relatives had a plethora of recommendations, leaving word of mouth as our main avenue to do research. In the end, we were unsuccessful at finding one specific caterer that could fill all our needs so, with the help of our family, we provided the entire meal for the event ourselves. The stress and astronomical workload is something we would have liked to avoid, though.

With Caterista, we hope to make your experience different. We aim to fill a specific need – providing an online research tool that will connect caterers with event planners. We want to make it easy for people to compare catering companies based on price, packages and features so they can find the best one to suit all of their specific needs. Whether it’s one of the most memorable days of our life or a corporate function, everyone wants their event to be as smooth and stress-free as possible.

We plan to profile professional food service companies from across the country. We want to give caterers the opportunity to introduce their business and showcase some of their best work. Event planners (professional and amateur) will then be able explore the wide array of professional food service options available to them and make their choices accordingly.

Informed decisions lead to successful events. Caterista can provide you with the information and knowledge you require to serve up an occasion to remember.